Aout The Association BSNHPA e.V.

For the membership in the association a membership fee of 30 EUR per year is to be paid in principle.

Sponsoring members of the association can determine the amount of their contributions themselves beyond the minimum contribution amount.

Sponsors without membership are sponsors. They have the right to participate in the life of the association, but are not eligible or entitled to vote.

The Statutes of the association.
We appologize that the Statuts available only in German Language right now. An Translation in English will be available soon.

Board of Directors

Chairwoman/Managing Director

Sabine Kerkau


1st Vice Chair

Ariane Thiele


2nd Vice Chair

Ulf Stracke



Holger Buss



Markus Amann


Publications / Press releases

We prepare reports about the found and identified wrecks. Reports about our work are published in well-known diving magazines such as WETNOTES.